Eternal Torment

Anyone who says that God eternally torments souls in hell is (in my opinion) basically committing blasphemy against God.  Jesus actually says we are to love God, and so when people propogate the eternal torment theory of hell, they are making it impossible for a rational person to love God.

My understanding of hell, based both scriptural evidence and the logical conclusion of the loving character of God, is that people are dealt with perfectly justly in death, and then the soul is in the process annihilated (or it loses it’s self-identity, and it’s essence goes back to God). However, only those who have a special relationship with God through Jesus will have eternal life.  Does that mean that only Christians will be in heaven?  Thankfully that decision rest not with us, but one who we know loved us enough to give his own life.  Jesus said “no one comes to the father except through me”, which means that the decision of who gets to heaven is entirely up to His descretion – our opinions of who gets to heaven have nothing to do with the matter.  If Jesus decides to send some non-christians into heaven, no genuine Christian would object to His superfluous grace.  If you want to explore teachings about hell further, here is a good website:

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